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Liz and Jill had just finished a titanic lovemaking session when Jill mentioned there was going to be a women's physique competition that day at the convention center.
The girls thought it would be funny to attend so they shrank down to a more "reasonable" size of 6 foot 10", 950 lbs.
Putting on skimpy shorts and tops they headed into the venue. Stunned onlookers couldn't believe how big they were. Surely, they thought, none of the other girls stood a chance.

The security guards assumed they were competitors but demanded identification. Liz responded by flexing her bicep and letting in expand a few inches before grabbing the guard's podium and crushing it into a ball.

"Is this good enough ID for ya?"

When the girls got into the locker room the other competitors jaws dropped. More than a few hearts skipped a beat as they soaked in their superhuman beauty.

A buff redhead in a bikini asked them what weight class they were in.

"Whatever we feel like I guess. How about 1 ton?" responded Jill.

The competitor forced a laugh before looking down to see Jill's powerful calves flexing and causing the cement floor to crack beneath her bare feet.

"Impressive girls but you'll have to change if you want to compete, those aren't regulation," barked a muscular woman in a t-shirt carrying a clipboard.

"Oh! Of course," remarked Liz before the fabric on her clothes began to tear. Both super girls' eyes glowed slightly as they grew to 7 foot 2, slowly shredding their clothes as felt their muscles expand.

"Hm! How's that?"

"'s not...You can't be n-naked,"

"What I thought this was in the nude?"

"This is not what I imagined it was Liz,"

Liz locked eyes with the official-looking woman and pet her on the head like a child.

"I'm sure we can make an exception..."
chuckyvela Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016
Incredible as always! 
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Yes indeed! I'll take it as an exception!Love ;) (Wink) 
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