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Super Amazon Liz felt like a bit of warmup flexing. The room was full of mesmerized fitness competitors who could only stare and feel their hearts pound. The 7 foot superwoman's eyes flashed and her body was practically glowing. She popped a bicep the size of a grapefruit and the room began to shake. The lights flickered as bolts of energy crackled across her gorgeous body. There was a sound like steel wrecking balls grinding together as every one of Liz's muscles expanded. She struck a few more bodybuilder poses that rocked the house quite literally. The floors cracked and the walls split open as the super girl's huge calves popped and flexed.

Soon the teen powerhouse was quite enormous and loving it. Her superhuman beauty was overpowering, driving deep into the other girl's subconscious filling them with uncontrollable lust. They began to give in kissing and caressing each other while touching themselves. One of the most muscular physique competitors began masturbating and stripping off her bikini totally surrendering herself to the superwoman. Liz caressed her back and began to kiss her passionately. The muscle chick embraced Liz and was lifted up off the floor.

There was loud crack as the young female bodybuilder's backside slammed against a table splitting it in half. She laughed while she orgasmed. Flexing and twitching she clutched Liz's short blond hair and moaned while the super girl went down on her. Her strength was surprising, enough to split a man in half, which pleased Liz even further.

The moment the muscle girl orgy reached full strength, Jill went out of control. The dark haired beauty had been masturbating slowly while physique competitors fondled her muscles and kissed her. Soon her superhuman sexual urges overwhelmed her completely and the super girl's fingers were moving at mind-numbing speeds. Her body expanded rapidly growing past 8 feet tall. The floor she stood on crumbled and sank several inches deep as she gained hundreds of pounds of super-dense muscle. Jill's power-packed arm leaned against a steel support column which was crunched and bent several inches into a sideways V-shape.

There was a low rumble as Jill appeared to instantly blink across the room standing tit-to-tit with megawoman Liz. Her eyes glowed as she played with her own huge tits looking deeply into Liz's eyes. The godlike 19-year-olds wrapped their arms around each other, Jill rubbing her legs against Liz's powerful thighs and calves. A series of loud THOOMS and THUDS were heard throughout the building as the two massive girls trampled over the locker room crushing furniture and flattening lockers.

A pair of well formed glutes crashed through the convention center walls as Liz and Jill crashed onto the floor. Jill gave Liz a playful shove that sent her flying over 300 yards through several steel support columns and a plate glass window. Liz giggled as she slammed into three parked trucks outside in the loading area that were flattened together like a stack of metal pancakes. Jill casually burst through several layers of the convention center building. Shards of glass crunched harmlessly beneath her bare feet, embedding themselves permanently in the concrete.

Jill laughed as she lifted her friend onto her shoulders. Liz moaned as the brunette ate her pussy making shockwaves with her powerful voice that brought the puny bystanders around them to their knees.
Devollution Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2016
What an awesome show indeed!
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